WE are starting to hear a lot of airline companies ramping up expectations of flights abroad from July. 

What we also need to hear is the details of how airlines and airports intend to keep passengers and staff safe. 

Social distancing is obviously going to be a major issue in the processes involved in passenger travel.

Airports are huge places and we need to know what procedures are going to be in place before we take those first tentative steps back to holidays abroad.


DO the MPs really think that once back at work people will tell their employer that they are unwell and need to go and get tested?

Not a chance. They could have the black death.

Once back earning they will not stop till they drop and tough luck if you have to work with them.

Isolate for seven or 14 days. No. Money is too important.

A Moore

Readers also had their say on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s moves to ease Scotland’s lockdown. Here’s a selection of comments...

LIFTING of lockdown should go ahead with caution. 

There is no doubt that the economy needs to get started and businesses need to open, but it has to be done in away that does not create a second spike or more cases.

Robert McCaw
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BETTER to ease things slowly rather than starting all over again with another peak, learn from what’s happened with other countries. I think Nicola Sturgeon is doing the right thing.

Liz Murphy
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I THINK a lot of phase one began well over a week ago but nobody had told Nicola! 

Gary Kilpatrick
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IT’S a difficult one, it has to happen at some point. People just need to be sensible about it and not do too much too soon. Baby steps.

Siobhan McNeill
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WE can’t stay in the house for ever or coronavirus will pale into insignificance to the mental health issues which will come off the back of this. 

Also not to mention the fear people have to go outside their home and be near people again. 

Glasgow Times: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

We need to be able to live with this virus the same as we live with flu, colds, food poisoning or even worse life threatening terminal illnesses which can be caused from outdoor activity. 

Good hygiene goes a long way to beating this. Keep your hands clean, keep surfaces clean, keep a distance from others and even some of the above illnesses I mentioned will not harm you. Stay safe.

Jordan Kerr
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WE can’t hide from this virus for ever. 

The last pandemic was 1918 but it eventually went away. 

Our mental health is suffering and the economy is getting destroyed. It’s time for these restrictions to be lifted and just be careful out there for our sanity!

Liz Murphy
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AS long as they’s social distancing, what’s the problem? Oh government rules. Just because the government tell you something is law, it doesn’t make it right. A lot of people have struggled alone throughout this pandemic with no help. 

It’s time some of them get the help they need before the suicide rates for this year start to climb higher than any year before.

Don’t tell me the mentally ill have been doing this for years because that’s a punch in the face to every person who has struggled with mental health and won or lost their battles.

Adam M Paxton
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THANK god. Get back to some normality. Especially for people  with mental health problems.

We just need to be sensible and wash hands at all times.

Margaret Cochrane
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GET outside and get some Vitamin D. It’s essential for human wellbeing and disease prevention.

Craig Wilson
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