THE Glasgow Times knows that this city has heart – and it is something we are extremely proud of.

This newspaper has always championed those who go that extra mile for others – but the coronavirus pandemic took ordinary Glaswegians into territory none of us have ever experienced. 

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Despite the uncertainty for many, the one thing that we could be sure of when it comes to this city is the extraordinary effort made by our key workers to help those in need. 

Glasgow Times:

On May 1, we began sharing their stories – from the taxi drivers who kept the city moving to the nurses on the frontline caring for those battling Covid-19.

Everyday these true Glasgow heroes have been given a moment in the spotlight and today that comes to an end with this special supplement.

Thousands of nominations were sent to this newspaper featuring the names of those shop workers, carers, nurses, doctors and volunteers. 

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The full list of names has been printed one last time in today's Glasgow Times (Friday, May 29) to simply say thank you.

Glasgow Times editor Callum Baird said: “It has been a real pleasure for us to shine the spotlight on the city’s key workers.

“Those working on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic are true Glasgow heroes and we want to celebrate that as the city’s only newspaper. 

Glasgow Times: Glasgow Times editor Callum Baird (far left) Glasgow Times editor Callum Baird (far left)

“Our reporters have enjoyed chatting to the friends, families and colleagues of those nominated – and they were able to learn first-hand the impact this pandemic has had on everyone.

“Our special supplement today is about celebrating everyone who has made a difference in the city. We just want to say thank you and let them know that Glasgow will not forget what they have done.” 

Remember to pick up a copy of today's Glasgow Times to see all of the names of your key worker heroes.