The Cop26 climate summit will now take place in Glasgow in November 2021 after being postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The climate conference, which will see more than 30,000 people come to the city, will now be held on the 1st of November until the 12th according to the UNFCCC, and the UK Government.

More than 30,000 people were expected to come to the city from around the world for event at the SEC arena.

It is the most important round of talks since the global Paris Agreement to tackle climate change was secured in 2015.

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Council Leader Susan Aitken said: “Glasgow remains ready to deliver a safe and successful conference and the confirmation of new dates gives a significant boost to our recovering local economy and our reputation as major events host and a leading conference destination.

"As the world recovers from the pandemic, cities such as Glasgow also have a new opportunity to embed green ambitions and climate change plans into our renewal process.

"Reducing inequality remains at the heart of everything we do, and we’ll ensure that our economic and social recovery groups look at how we continue to become more sustainable and encourage inclusive and green growth.”

UK Business Secretary Alok Sharma said: "While we rightly focus on fighting the immediate crisis of the Coronavirus, we must not lose sight of the huge challenges of climate change.

"With the new dates for Cop26 now agreed we are working with our international partners on an ambitious roadmap for global climate action between now and November 2021.

"The steps we take to rebuild our economies will have a profound impact on our societies' future sustainability, resilience and wellbeing and Cop26 can be a moment where the world unites behind a clean resilient recovery."

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Italian Minister for the Environment, Land and Sea Protection, Sergio Costa, said: "I am glad that consultations with Parties have made it possible to collectively and quickly agree new dates for COP26.

"The new dates mean the conference will be at a time when the Covid-19 tragedy will be behind us and we will be able to ensure inclusiveness, for us a fundamental prerequisite for an ambitious COP26 based on global commitment to action.

"Between now and November 2021 we will take advantage of every international opportunity to increase ambition and mobilisation, also harnessing the G20 under the Italian Presidency and the G7 under the British Presidency."