AN exciting new backyard pump track lockdown project will open today to the public in a bid to raise money for local organisations.

Ramsay MacFarlane, who lives in Kelvindale and works at Trail Coach, has created the circuit of rollers and banked turns in his back garden.

Riders, who can take part for free but have the option to donate to local causes, will have to navigate the track using body movements instead of pedalling. All the money raised will go towards Glasgow’s Common Weal.

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Mr MacFarlane said: “The Coronavirus-enforced lockdown has prompted unprecedented numbers of people into the outdoors, mingling in the local parks, exploring pathways with the family and generally “getting out the house.

“While it is brilliant to see so many new cyclists and people enjoying newfound pleasure in the outdoors, it has left those living in the city with limited options when it comes to daily exercise – the local parks and canal paths are so busy it’s impossible to adhere to the two-meter social distancing rule.

“The sensible and most responsible thing is to stay at home entirely, as advised by our government. So I built a pump track.”

Glasgow Times:

As the country moves into phase one of lifting lockdown restrictions, the public is now invited to come and ride the pump track.

From Saturday, May 30 locals will be able to book a slot on the track, get some exercise and have some fun in a socially-distant and responsible manner. One person, or one family/household will be allowed in at a time and a 25-minute slot can be booked online.

Participants should be aware of the rules of lockdown and only visit as part of their daily exercise and will be responsible for their own safety.

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Mr MacFarlane added: “Further dates will be released a couple of days in advance as the track is weather-dependent, so please check back for future dates – I intend to run it any day that the weather allows, for a few hours, usually around lunchtime.”

The NHS rainbow is also a feature on the track to recognise the invaluable work of the NHS and key workers for keeping the country as healthy as possible.

Glasgow Times:

Mr MacFarlane added: “These people are saving lives and keeping everything ticking over while the rest of us stay at home – that’s the main purpose of the rainbow as popularised during the pandemic – we hope your efforts are rewarded with greater recognition in our society.

“Any money raised will be donated to the Common Weal -a forward-thinking group that campaigns for social and economic equality. They roughly represent many points and principles we think are more important than ever as we move forward from a global pandemic – now is the ideal time for people to discover that things could be done differently if we work together and act positively.”

To book a slot or to find out more visit: