A SPORTS shop owner has found a new way to run his business - literally.

Mikey Gowans has been delivering orders to his customers on foot... clocking up 175 miles in the process.

Mikey, owner of Migo Sports in Muirend, made changes to his business when lockdown began to ensure he could continue operations while meeting all government rules.

Mikey said: "Like everyone, I had to very quickly adjust my business to ensure it could continue running - and continue running is exactly what I ended up doing.

"I decided quite early in lockdown to deliver orders to customers within running distance while observing social distancing throughout.

"It's turned out to be a really nice way to serve customers who have been very appreciative of the fact they can access things like running shoes, clothes and equipment.

"For many, it's made the difference between them exercising or not."

Glasgow Times:

His Clarkston Road store closed to the public and he reverted to online orders only, with his goods proving popular over the past 10 weeks as more of the public exercised daily.

A very keen runner himself, Mikey took to personally deliver orders - within a reasonable distance - resulting in 35 individual parcel drops across a distance of 175 miles over the past two months.

However, he's not looking for a career change just yet, having found out he has a flaw that holds him back from being a top notch delivery man

Mikey added: "I have to admit I have discovered I wouldn't be a very good delivery guy for anyone else, as I spend too much time chatting to people from the end of their driveways.

"However those conversations have been really valuable to me so I can only thank all the people who have blethered as well as bought.

"The other thing I have learned is that doing a delivery on foot in driving rain and high winds can be brutal.

"Good waterproof running clothing is essential - I know just the place."