Launch Foods, the food initiative which usually feeds children free school meals, is raffling exclusive artwork by Glasgow School of Art graduates to raise funds for Covid-19.

Teaming up with Studio Fine Art Company, Launch Foods, based in SkyPark, have created 'LaunchArt', an an online art raffle featuring three pieces of original art work donated by established Scottish artists Elaine Johnston, William Dobbie and Christopher Byrne.

Former Restaurateur and founder Craig Johnstone has said they had to quickly re-organise to keep feeding vulnerable school children when lockdown started.

Glasgow Times:

He said: "Normally we feed children after school, on average 300 meals a day. It was hot, free, home cooked food.

"When the lockdown hit, schools closed and we had to find another way to get to the families.

"We provide 2,600 meals per week and managed to distribute those meals, with the teachers, to the families that need it most."

Craig continued: "There is no shortage of demand but there is a limit to what I can do personally.

"It gives you hope. It means a lot.

"People still go hungry. It's Glasgow. But nobody should be going hungry in this country in normal circumstances. Everyone is walking a financial tightrope."

Artist Chris Byrne said: "It is an amazing feeling that my art could be used to help feed children across Glasgow.

"The Launch Art initiative is totally unique and something that I wanted to get involved in as soon as I heard about it.

Glasgow Times:

"The effects of the Covid-19 situation and the lockdown we find ourselves in is difficult for everyone, but will hit children from already vulnerable backgrounds very hard.

"Without access to school meals and the like, it is worrying that children in the Glasgow area can go whole days without eating.

"The fact that the Launch Art initiative can take my art and help raise funds to feed vulnerable children across Glasgow during this time is a special thing and I am proud to be a part of it.

"These Initiative's really show that People really do make Glasgow."

The artists donating paintings to LaunchArt are former graduates of the Glasgow School of Art at different stages of their careers.

The online raffle features ‘Maggie’, a Highland Cow donated by renowned rural artist Elaine Johnston; ‘Food of Love’ by William Dobbie, one of Scotland’s foremost maritime Artists; and ‘Glasgow Warehouses’ by Christopher, who takes a different look at the remnants of industry on Glasgow’s Clydeside.

Glasgow Times:

Curator of the exhibition Alison Donnell of The Studio Fine Art Company said: “Whilst the exhibitions at Skypark’s donated gallery have been postponed, the online raffle for LAUNCH ART aims to help the charity ‘Launch Foods’, as well as give a platform for these established artists at different stages in their careers and graduates of Glasgow School of Art.

"It’s a great opportunity to win a piece of original artwork whilst supporting a brilliant cause.

"We do hope to bring the exhibitions to Skypark later this year.

"Each artist has agreed to donate a percentage of art sold from their exhibition as well as donate a piece of artwork.”

Launch Art online raffle is now live and will run over the summer.

Donate here, leave your contact details and then email Lisa, stating which artist raffle you want to be entered into: Elaine, William, Christopher.