DID I read that correctly? I can’t believe they are going to spend £18m on a bridge over the motorway at Sighthill (City to expect boost post-pandemic as £250m deal is unlocked – here’s what might change, Friday). 

What’s wrong with the one that’s there? It was good enough for the previous residents of the area. 

There is also a bridge outside Baird Street police station that looks perfectly useable.

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WITH social distancing now part of everyday life it is important to highlight that not everyone can maintain the required distance as easily as others.

People who are blind and partially sighted can struggle to know when they are getting closer to someone, or if someone is approaching them. And guide dogs, of course, aren’t trained to help in this regard. There have been occasions when individuals have been aggressively berated for coming into too close proximity to others, when the reality is they simply weren’t aware of it.

In such uncertain times, tensions over distancing can rise. But we would ask that if you feel someone seems to be ignoring the restrictions, consider for a moment whether that person, rather than being careless, might not be able to fully see you.

Thousands of people in Scotland are living with a degree of sight loss. Please be aware that some people do need just a little extra thought.

James Adams
Director, Royal National Institute of Blind People Scotland

I DO appreciate lockdown has been going on for 10 weeks. I pass through areas like Govanhill, Govan, Yorkhill and Ibrox and on every corner I see bulk uplift piles getting bigger.

I’m surprised they haven’t been set on fire.  

The leader of the council announced Glasgow will still take part in the 2020 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) next year. 

What about prioritising and fixing the easy things first, starting with uplifting the bulk material? 

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WITH regards to the reader in the Glasgow Times on Friday winning their battle with holiday giant TUI – we were due to go away in March there. 

We only heard a week ago that it’s going to take seven to eight weeks for our refund to be processed. 

This money according to them was due to be paid to us on May 17 (I’ve got this in writing) but this did not happen. 

Now it’s going to be the end of July/August. This is shocking that it takes that long to be refunded.

Shelley Byrne
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GREAT man, great achievement, great cause (Lisbon Lions ‘Cesar’ T-shirt a sell-out after legend selfies, Friday). Hail Hail Cesar.

Fran Ger
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WHAT a waste of time, no-one will waste bother going (Council dumps to re-open but with many restrictions and police on site – here’s what you need to know, Friday). 

We have all waited with piles of unwanted rubbish that you can’t dispose of in bins.

That’s the point of recycling centres. 

This will lead to an increase in fly-tipping.

Edward Mcgee
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LOCKDOWN measures may be easing but judging by the amount of teenagers out on their bikes together, I think many parents gave up weeks ago. 

I hope they don’t have the cheek to clap key workers on a Thursday!

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