Glasgow has embraced the sizzling weather as lockdown restrictions were eased yesterday. 

Finally allowed to sunbathe in parks, many did not hesitate to take advantage of the newfound degree of freedom by sunbathing in Glasgow parks. 

This included Kelvingrove Park which already seemed to resemble a characteristic summer day in Glasgow as people enjoyed the sunshine in the grass. 

Glasgow Times: Kelvingrove Park as Scotland enters Phase One of easing restrictions Kelvingrove Park as Scotland enters Phase One of easing restrictions

As Scotland entered phase one of the four-step plan for easing lockdown on Friday, people were able to meet with one other household at a time in outdoor spaces. 

However, groups could be seen maintaining the advised two-metre distance from others in the park. 

Glasgow Times:

Some non-contact sport and leisure activities have also been allowed to restart. 

Glasgow Times:

This weekend is expected to continue to experience sunny and warm weather with highs of 25 °C. 

The weather will remain dry throughout the weekend, with plenty of Glaswegians bound to utilise the glorious weather for some time spent in the sun. 

Glasgow Times:

However, the First Minister has urged caution and to utilise the outdoors spaces "safely". 

Ms Sturgeon said the changes would improve the lives of Scots, but added that she was still “nervous” about the easing of measures.

She said: “I’m not trying to cramp anyone’s fun… but I am asking for you to do it responsibly.

“If you are in doubt about whether your plans are within the rules or not, err on the side of caution.

“However harsh these rules might feel right now, and I know that they do, abiding by them will never, ever be as harsh as grieving the loss of a loved one.”