A total of 15,400 people have now tested positive in Scotland for the novel coronavirus, rising by 18 since the latest update on Saturday.

The number of hospital patients and those receiving intensive care has continued to drop. 

Three fewer people were being treated in hospital after testing positive for Covid-19, taking the figure down to 732. 

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Those receiving intensive care was also down by six since yesterday's figure of 33.

Sadly, another nine have died as the death toll rises to 2362. 

In the Greater Glasgow area, only three new cases were recorded in the past 24 hours. The total confirmed cases to date for the area is 3946. 

The number of hospitalizations due to Covid-19 dropped from 343 to 338, while the number of people in intensive care at midnight fell by two. 

Speaking on the Sophy Ridge on Sunday programme, the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned of a “significant risk” that coronavirus could “run out of control again”. 

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She said: "That’s why in Scotland we are moving very slowly, very cautiously.

“We have just gone into phase one of our route map out of lockdown and that expressly recognises that in that phase there is a significant risk that the epidemic is not fully contained,” Ms Sturgeon said.

“So our focus has been very much on allowing some more outdoor activity, because we know the risks of transmission outside, while they are not zero, are lower than they are indoors, and we are asking people to continue to follow all the rules on physical distancing, hygiene, making sure they are not allowing the virus to spread on hard surfaces between households.”