GLASGOW City Council have issued a warning to those visiting parks within the city, after pictures on social media showed litter scattered across Kelvingrove Park. 

Visitors swarmed to Glasgow parks over the weekend after eased lockdown restrictions allowed people to visit public spaces with others, and sunbathe, for the first time in months.


The council have urged those using parks to take 'basic responsibility' to curb the amount of litter dropped. 

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A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “Due to the very warm weather, it has been no surprise that our parks have been busy since the easing of lockdown last week.

“But people still have a basic responsibility to put their waste in a bin, no  matter the circumstances."

The council have appealed to vistors to take consideration of the fact that many cleansing services are currently stripped back due to the coronavirus lockdown.

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“The Covid-19 outbreak continues to have an impact on the delivery of our services.

“It shouldn’t have to be said, but people can play their part in the response to the pandemic by simply disposing of their rubbish in the right way.”

Glasgow City Council also revealed that in anticipation of high vistor numbers, 40,000 litres of bin capacity was emptied in Kelvingrove to help with the clean up efforts, but that some had ignored the bins altogether. 

“If the nearest bin to someone is full, they should try the next one and so on and failing that, take the rubbish home."