A MAN is accused of assaulting his partner amid claims he would refuse to speak to her if his coffee was made incorrectly.

Gabriel Curley, 31, allegedly assaulted the woman on various occasions between November 2009 and November 2014.

Curley faces a string of accusations including compressing her neck and throwing cat food over her.

It is claimed Curley also rubbed the cat food onto her hair and clothing as well as pushed her down a flight of stairs.

Prosecutors claim Curley subjected her to threatening and abusive behaviour by throwing her clothes into a river.

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It is said Curley also told her not to wear makeup, what foods to eat and “refuse to speak to her if she made coffee incorrectly.”

He also allegedly accused her of cheating and pretending to be the woman to text friends that she didn't want to see them.

The charge states that Curley then told the woman to contact her mother that tell her she had been raped.

Curley is accused of assaulting another female partner between July 2014 and April 2015.

He is said to have made jokes about raping an ex-partner and uttering threats of rape towards her.

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Curley allegedly emptied yoghurt onto the woman, compressed her neck and pushed her down stairs.

He also is said to have told her not to go out with friends, rip her passport, threaten to destroy her makeup and criticise her weight

A hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court was postponed today due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The case was dealt with administratively and a new hearing is set for July this year and Curley, of the city’s Cambuslang, remains on bail meantime.