RESIDENTS of Mount Florida have lodged objections to plans for new changing facilities in Cathkin Park by Jimmy Johnstone Academy.

The academy, which was created in honour of the legendary Celtic player Jimmy ‘Jinky’ Johnstone, submitted a planning permission application to Glasgow City Council on March 10, in order to place two new shipping containers in the park to be used as changing facilities.

Cathkin Park is the academy’s current home, however residents have now lodged objections to the plans for additional shipping containers, stating that the application has not had any communication with local residents. 

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Chris Carus, chair of Mount Florida Community Council, said: “There are already four shipping containers in the park, and they have applied for another two to be placed. 

“The way that they have went about this is with a low profile, they haven’t had any consultation with other park users. 

“In the context of lockdown also, more people are using the park to exercise and walk - we are asking for more information on the access to the community will be, that’s been a bit thin on the ground.”

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A local Mount Florida resident said: “The main problem is that this has been too much of a closed situation. 

“The four shipping containers there already attract some vandalism, would adding another two attract more?

“It is nothing personal, I would love to see the park reach its full potential but all I’m asking for is more information so we know exactly what is being done with the space and how it impacts the wider area.

“In the current time, more people are discovering the park, and it’s great to see the space being used, but there has been a half-hearted approach to concerns.”

While the final decision for the plans lie with the Planning Committee, Councillor Tanya Wisely also lodged a letter of objection to the council, asking the committee to either refuse or delay the decision until residents have been suitably consulted. 

In her statement, Wisley said: “I would strongly expect this application to be rejected, or at the very least be continued until such consultation and consideration has taken place, especially given the restrictions we are all working under at present.” 

The Jimmy Johnstone Academy were approached for comment, but did not reply.