KELVINGROVE Park is a state (Council urges park visitors to take ‘basic responsibility’ over litter, Glasgow Times online).

While it’s the fault of those who dump their rubbish, the removal of bins by the council in favour of the easier to empty large wooden dumps is a major reason.

The stupidity of removing

every bin on Kelvin Way when they closed it to traffic isn’t helping – especially with dog


Council cuts teamed with stupidity make a perfect storm.

Jim Stevenson

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IF the bins are full or there aren’t any, why can’t people just take their rubbish home with them?

June Docherty

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GREENFIELD Park is the same. It’s been party central over there for about four nights running – going by the songs coming from there just now, it sounds like it’s continuing.

David Turnbull

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WITH regards to the images of the old Gorbals tenements – they were moving lots of people out to Castlemilk, Toryglen, Barlarnock and other places but my mum wouldn’t move from the Gorbals (Final days of the old Gorbals tenements, Glasgow Times online).

It ended up all our neighbours moved out and I think we were the last ones in the close.

However, my mum was wanting one of the new high-rise flats in the Gorbals in Caledonia Road and the week we left for Australia she got one and my two brothers are still living there, which is good when we go back that we are still living in the Gorbals.

James Coyne

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PEOPLE like him should be in charge of Scottish football (Gordon Strachan is spot on – Scottish football needs a revolution not league reconstruction, Monday).

It can’t get any worse, can it?

Jack Arthur

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YOU would actually think the lockdown is completely over judging by the large groups of teenagers gathering together in and around Glasgow.

I passed eight teenagers on Sunday playing football together on the school pitch next to me in Bishopbriggs.

Thankfully police arrived and moved them on but where are the parents?

They seem to have no care in the world about what their children are doing.

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