URGENT concerns from Glasgow's black community have halted a planned Black Lives Matter protest. 

Demonstrators were supposed to meet this weekend at Glasgow Green for a protest in support of victims of racism and police brutality, after the death of an unarmed black man who activists say was killed by police. 

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Organiser Taliah Simumba said in a statement to the event's Facebook page: "It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to cancel the physical protest that was planned to take place at Glasgow Green on Sunday.

"After advice from multiple organisations, including BLMUK, this is the decision we have made. We hope you realise how complex a decision attending these protests are.

"We have been in talks with various organisations, health professionals and have had an urgent reaction from local people of colour regarding their disapproval of this event and the potential for its repercussions."

She went on: "Whilst my own status as a black woman is valid, it would be unfair of me as one person, to speak so boldly on behalf of the larger community. We set out here with the intention of effectuating that black lives matter, and they only will if we genuinely keep them from harm’s way."

A report from Public Health England has found that ethnic minorities are at a higher risk than white people of dying from Covid-19. 

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The Facebook post listed other ways people could support activists and organisations supporting people of colour and shows of support, including posting Black Lives Matter signs in windows and sharing resources online. 

Independent online station Clyde Built Radio will also be used as an "alternative protest space online" featuring only shows and music by black artists over the weekend. 

Another protest, to be held in George Square appears to be going ahead. 

Organisers for this demonstration said on Sunday: "We are conscious of the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic and should stress that individuals should only attend if they are healthy and comfortable to do so. We recommend everyone wears a mask and makes an effort to socially distance."

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It comes as Nicola Sturgeon urged people not to take part in such protests. 

The First Minister said: “Right now, it is the case, unfortunately, and regrettably, that large gatherings of people could pose a risk to health and indeed to life.

“Unfortunately, that’s the case whether it is a peaceful protest or a football match or any other gathering where people are coming together in close proximity."