THIS week's Home Times starts with Glasgow Counts - weaving maths into every day life.

The team is giving ideas today to help young pupils learn about data handling, from sorting toys into shapes and size to learning the long jump.

Glasgow Times:

Our city's maths education experts have created videos to go along with the ideas here so you can see exactly how to make the rain gauge.

There are suggestions to make your daily exercise into a pie chart or graph and turn the weather into a pictogram.

Glasgow Times:

For adults whose maths lessons are more years behind them than they might care to count, there are simple instructions to support you helping your child.

With the lockdown leading to a little bit more snacking and a little less running around, there's a useful way of using maths to make healthier food choices.

Glasgow Times:

And the long jump supports increased activity as well as data handling.

For those who don't have access to a smart phone to scan the QR codes, here are the links to the videos.

Making a rain gauge:

The standing long jump:

Glasgow Times:

We'll be back on Friday with PEPASS, the education department's physical activity and sports team.

They will have loads of ideas to get children fit and active - just in time for the weekend.