POLICE were called to a city park to get two Highland cows moo-ving after they escaped from their field.

Several calls were made to the force by members of the public enjoying the sunshine in Dawsholm Park in North Glasgow yesterday.

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Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

An eyewitness, Christine Zielinski, told the Glasgow Times: "The two cows were seen to be eating their way through shrubbery along public walking trails to the surprise of many walkers and cyclists in the park.

"They had managed to push over a weakened part of the fence located near a grassy area popular with sunbathers and picnickers.

"The cows seemed to be minding their own business while hunting for fresh leaves to snack on and did not harm anyone.

"Their appearance was a friendly surprise for most park-goers, who stopped to say hello and take pictures of the cattle.

"The cows briefly joined picnickers in the grassy area but being uninterested in picnic food and slightly alarmed by the dogs in the park, they quickly returned to peacefully munching trees on the sidelines.

"Police arrived on the scene an hour later to ensure the safety of the cows and park-goers.

"The cows eventually made their way back to the vicinity of the pasture and were last seen happily grazing just on the other side of the fence."

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Glasgow Times:

A Police Scotland spokesman said: "Police received numerous calls about cows in Dawsholm Park, Ilay Street, Glasgow, on Tuesday, June 2.

"The cows were returned to their field with no issues reported." 

Glasgow City Council confirmed that the young cattle wandered out through the fencing.

The local authority added that the fencing will be repaired and the area is also being checked to make sure the Highland cows can't escape again. 

It is understood that Highland cattle were introduced to Dawsholm Park in 2007 as part of an effort by Glasgow City Council to encourage the development of wildflowers by having cows graze the grasslands.