Just less than two weeks ago, Celtic were crowned Champions of Scotland for the ninth consecutive season in a row and, for Celtic supporters, the overall feeling was that of relief. Relief that all the in-fighting that went on was drawing to a close and the only real logical approach, considering the circumstances, had been taken by the clubs.

Celtic, really had handled themselves professionally whilst wars were raging between different teams and the leagues. Scottish football is in a completely unique situation, we are in the transition between TV deals, we have a government who have a different approach to the current health crisis from others elsewhere and finding a resolution that suits everyone was always going to be impossible.

What can’t be denied though is across the season and specifically from January onward, Celtic were the best team in the league. Having only dropped 10 points the whole season, that is actually less than Rangers had done since the winter break. 

Ever since it was decided that champions would be crowned, it’s almost impossible to deny Celtic. There was the argument that there was still two Glasgow Derbies to go, Rangers had a game in hand, the gap could have been closed... It seems though, there doesn’t seem to be much reflection on the other potential results. Celtic could have won both of those games, Rangers could have lost their game in hand, who was to say that the gap - judging by the form book - could not have ended up around the 20 point mark?

Neil Lennon has been a revelation during his second coming as Celtic manager and there has been a variety of views on whether he should have returned or who should have been given the reins. Credit to Lenny though, season 2019-20 was an incredible roller-coaster and Lennon has slowly but surely won over his critics. 

As fans, we look forward to seeing what next season brings, whenever that may be. Latest reports say that the plans are to kick off the season as scheduled on August 1st, most likely behind closed doors, which means we will be denied the opportunity to be there when the ninth league flag flies high above the Celtic Park pitch on the opening day of the season - only the second time in Celtic’s long history that this has happened.

What will season 20/21 bring? Who knows. We’re technically only two months or so away from the scheduled start to the season and there is no confirmed league structure. There’s no confirmation of how many teams will take part and when it comes to coronavirus, who knows what situation we will be in as a country? 

Our hopes for this season, though, need to be that Celtic continue to build their squad and invest for this opportunity to make history once again to complete the final step for the illustrious 10 in a row. It’s time now to make a statement of intent, invest properly, secure our current talents down for this season at least and get prepared for another crazy season in Scottish football!

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