While the rest of us, in the normal world, have been working from home or furloughed during this time, Scottish football has been working overtime to turn itself into a farce.

Neil Doncaster and Co's incompetence is not breaking news to anyone. What does seem strange, however, is that the same people who have been at the front of the queue to criticise Doncaster in the past, now seem to be among his strongest defenders.

That simply couldn’t be because Rangers are the accusers now? Could it?

The question has been asked: 'What exactly were Rangers wanting from all this?' Simple enough, the opportunity to complete the season and, in the meantime, release funds to clubs to keep them going.

We were then told it was impossible as the SPFL couldn’t release funds to clubs without ending the season. This should have come as a particular shock to SPFL board member Alan Burrows as his club, Motherwell, received an advancement in payment before the conclusion of the 2016/17 season.

“Ah! But that was an advance, not a loan!” says the SPFL. Okay, well advance the money, don’t loan it. It’s essentially the same thing and for the SPFL to try and sneak their way out of it on the wording is not just disingenuous but also goes against what is best for the member clubs.

The SPFL resolution passed and if it wasn’t for the world’s most specific and convenient spam filter, that would have been that. I’m sure the clubs that have been done dirty, who have lost their chance at promotion or been relegated prematurely, would have had something to say about it. From a Rangers point of view, however, that would have really ended our interest on the matter.

Something clearly wasn’t right there, so Rangers' goal changed to wanting an independent investigation into the whole matter. That would have led on to the REAL end goal of removing Doncaster, Rod McKenzie and Murdoch MacLennan from their positions.

It is worth pointing out two things here. Firstly, at no point did Rangers ever call for or want a null and void season. Contrary to much online gnashing and spewing from our friends across the city, it was never the club’s focus.

Secondly, the idea that Rangers should have gone straight to the SPFL with their evidence is ridiculous. That's not how whistleblowing and the uncovering of corruption works. In the same way that Mark Felt didn’t go straight to Richard Nixon.

I don’t really think anyone at Rangers expected to win the vote into an independent investigation. When you start off with seven member clubs on the board with a vested interest in it not to happen, you’re always fighting an uphill battle.

I’m sure this is far from over, however, and I expect Rangers will be working hard behind the scenes and weighing up the best legal action to take next. Still, when you have 33 percent of your members stating they believe there was wrongdoing by the SPFL throughout this whole affair, that’s not great. The SPFL trying to dress this up as a landslide victory is far from the real truth.

When even Aberdeen are backing Rangers, you know something is up. Although I was more interested in the support Rangers did not receive from our friends across the city. The same people who have spent decades telling us the game is corrupt passing up on the opportunity to prove it? That doesn’t make sense.

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