A JOGGER was stunned to see two dogs and their owners glide down the canal during the recent heatwave.

You’ve heard of the doggy paddle but these pooches took to their paddleboards with their owners rowing along the canal at Maryhill. The dogs barked salutations at less lucky land-bound mutts on the towpath as they passed.

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Gordon, a jogger who said he has lived beside the canal for 23 years captured the amazing moment on film last Friday and shared to social media with the captions “Costa del Maryhill” and “Riviera”.

Over the years he has seen canoes and paddleboards used on the canal but said: “paddleboards are a new thing”.

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He praised the work of volunteers and his neighbours who had worked “tirelessly” to rejuvenate the canal and towpath.

He said: “It used to just be a sea of rubbish, but now it’s a really treasured amenity.”

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