A socially distanced protest to support the death George Floyd has been organised in Glasgow for this evening. 

Hosted by Stand up to Racism, the movement is scheduled to start at 6pm in the city centre as part of a collective response across the UK.

A separate Black Lives Matter protest due to be held at Glasgow Green was cancelled earlier today due to health fears.

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Another protest on Sunday, to be held in front of the city chambers, appears to be going ahead. 

Organisers of tonight's protest have encouraged those who wish to join to take precautionary safety measures in an effort to prevent the transmission of coronavirus

Their statement reads: "To ensure we can protest in a way that doesn't endanger the communities we're fighting to protect and to maximise safety, we are asking everybody who wants to take part in the action to get in touch to ensure we can protest in a way that is safe."

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It comes as Nicola Sturgeon urged people not to take part in such protests, adding that large gatherings of people would pose a risk to lives. 

The First Minister said: “Right now, it is the case, unfortunately, and regrettably, that large gatherings of people could pose a risk to health and indeed to life.

“Unfortunately, that’s the case whether it is a peaceful protest or a football match or any other gathering where people are coming together in close proximity."