WHY don’t people get that you don’t know who’s touched the play equipment (Warning issued to parents over closed playparks, Tuesday)?

I haven’t taken my son to the park as he’s too young to understand why he can’t go on the equipment so I just avoid. I’d rather my son was safe than getting to play on a swing.

Victoria Kelly

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ON my way to Robroyston Retail Park, I was forced to drive off due to the huge tailbacks at Monument Drive down to the roundabout.

To later find out that the reason behind these queues was folk trying to access a McDonald’s takeaway outlet is unbelievable.

What is it with these sad people?

Are they all so incapable and lazy that they cannot make a simple meal for themselves?



THESE guys do a great job (Willie Collum rubbishes claims that referees are out to make deliberate decisions against certain teams, Tuesday).

Yes, sometimes they make mistakes but in my opinion they’re honest mistakes.

It can’t be easy in their personal lives, also, to be hated by some Old Firm fans and the likes when decisions don’t go their way.

David Martin

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INFORMATION needs to be made more stark for people to see and realise the gravity of the situation we’re in (Police need to crack down on youth heading to Campsie Glen, Glasgow Times online).

Too many people who are taking unnecessary risks, NOT social distancing, or isolating if they should be.

The people breaking the rules are the very ones who will be first to complain if we end up with a second spike of Covid-19 cases and go back to full lockdown due to their selfishness and carelessness.

Jill Ferguson

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I AGREE with the letter in Wednesday’s paper about the number of teenagers being allowed to roam the streets despite the lockdown.

Do their parents even care anymore?

Since when is gathering for a game of football with lots of different households permitted during the lockdown?

They just seem to think they can do what they want now while so many people are being sensible and sticking to the rules.

I hope the police can patrol more streets and issue fines to families who don’t have any respect for the rules and fail to watch their kids.

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