OKAY, we get the kids are like caged animals being kept indoors off school etc, but what we are seeing since the meeting with folk from other households is definitely flaunting it too far.

Yep, teenagers all out cycling – we saw eight in a park and not one kept their distance.

Even in some streets we saw tots, some as young as five, out on bikes running up and down the street with no parent in sight.

They are also out on bikes stopping and swapping sweets etc.

I just don’t get it?

If the kids are allowed to mix with others now, surely the parents or guardians should be out monitoring that?

Is it right kids as young as five, six, seven are all congregating together for hours on end with no parent in sight?

I know the kids are dying to get out and just get back to normality, but I really think the parents should be out with them to make sure they are keeping their distance.

Can a five-year-old really remember that after 20 minutes of play?

Not where I stay. They are all out playing as if nothing has happened the past few months.



I AM shocked at the number of dog walkers who are from different households walking side by side not keeping two metres apart.

Do they think they are exempt?

Fed-up Glasgow senior citizen

East End

ANOTHER day, and another group of youths just hanging about as if nothing has changed in the world.

On Wednesday at around 7.30pm, there must have been about 10 kids just hanging about outside Costa in Bishopbriggs on Kirkintilloch Road.

So, I’ve got to ask, are their parents okay with this?

Personall,y I’m disgusted. I’ve not been able to see my grandkids for months, yet the parents of these children think it’s fine for their youngsters just to roam the streets to give themselves some peace and quiet and an easy life.

I feel sorry for the security guards in the nearby supermarkets who have to deal with them running in and out the store causing mayhem.

It’s an utter disgrace.

Furious OAP


OUR story this week on residents complaining about Jimmy Johnstone Academy’s plans in a city park sparked comments from readers online. Here’s a selection...

BUILD proper facilities, for goodness sake. Nobody would want shipping containers either to change in or to look at!

Get a grip and do it


Maureen McDade

SHIPPING containers? Who would want such an eyesore?

Do it right or don’t do it at all.

John Monaghan

SHIPPING containers certainly aren’t the answer.

Surely there must be a better solution which will keep local residents happy.


I WALK my dog there every day and recently there has been a marked change in the state of the place.

More users bring their bad habits with them, mostly increased dog fouling and drinking parties without clearing up after them.

Also, the council could organise for the bins to be emptied and the grass cut, surely they could manage this and still observe social distancing!

Jon Bruce

SO, where are the police who ‘should’ be stopping them and punting them back home on the buses and trains they arrive in (Tourism chief slams drunken louts flouting social distancing and mobbing beauty spots, Glasgow Times online)?

If these people are breaking the law (which they are) then they should be fined or charged and if they are drinking alcohol in a public place that is dry then they should be fined again.

Police are happy with the soft targets and able to harass pensioners walking their dogs at Erskine beach and the surrounding area with the threat of fines, but not a whiff of these threats at Loch Lomond.

Caine Shaw

Posted online

I DON’T think plans for virtual season tickets in Scottish football will work. Once again supporters will get ripped off and be sold an inferior product.

Maybe the crisis that has hit the world will lead to the governing bodies realising how important supporters are and stop charging over-inflated prices for a poor standard of football.

The amount of money some players get in Scotland is an absolute joke.

You get reserve players picking up salaries for doing next to nothing and yet supporters still have to pay through the nose to watch absolute awful matches.

Maybe it’s about time some of our clubs close down as many add nothing to our game.

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