Mark Warburton has opened up on THAT press conference during his time at Rangers when PR chief Jim Traynor called an early end to the interview over questions about Joey Barton.

The Ibrox boss was clear with the media in attendance that afternoon that he would not be answering questions about Barton and the one match suspension he was set to serve.

When one reporter with Sky Sports attempted to discuss a similar issue, Traynor demanded the journalist move on. However things took a turn for the worse and Warburton was asked to leave the presser alongside the communications boss. Only to return 20 minutes later to carry on with the question and answer session.

Now, four years later, Warburton admits he remembers the incident "like it was yesterday" and wishes he had dealt with the situation differently. "I think at the start of the press conference, before any cameras rolled or any questions were asked, Traynor told the press that we were not going to take any questions about Joey Barton," Warburton recalled in a conversation with Herald and Times Sport. "That it's been well documented, it might have been saturation point at that time.

"Of course media being media, they asked everything Joey Barton. Then what happened, happened. 

"In hindsight I should just have stayed on the stage and said, 'No, it's fine'. But I've got to respect other Rangers staff and that was his job. In hindsight, do I wish I had just stayed there? Yes. I should have said 'It's fine, no worries, move on.'"