TWO Conservative MSPs have had their offices on Maryhill Road vandalised with graffitti.

Vandals have scrawled "ACAB" on the front of Adam Tomkins MSP and Annie Wells MSP's office shutters. 

'ACAB' is an abbreviation for 'All Cops are B******S'.

Glasgow Times: "F**k The Tories" is written on the left hand side of the office shutters. 

Other graffiti also appeared in the area with George Floyd's name written on a building on the other side of the street.

It is unknown if the instances are connected. 

SNP Councillor for Maryhill and Springburn John Letford told The Glasgow Times: "As the local Councillor, I can't condone the graffiti, but passions seem to be running high as we ease out of this lockdown.

"What with the Black Lives Matter demo on Glasgow Green, 40,000 UK Covid-19 deaths and a looming sense of economic catastrophe, frustrations seem to be spilling out.

"I would ask that Glaswegians continue to follow the advice of health experts, to look out for each other in our communities and to register their political protests with our usual humour and passion, at the ballot box."

Glasgow Times:

Annie Wells MSP and Adam Tomkins MSP have been contacted for comment. 

Police Scotland has been contacted for comment.