A STATUE has been vandalised with anti-police graffiti. 

Following yesterday's protests a statue of Thomas Carlyle, an influential Scottish historian who held antisemitic and white supremacist views, was vandalised with a message saying: "F*** the polis", in red letters. 

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Carlyle was a historian best known for his Great Men of history theory, which holds that the course of history is determined by the actions of a few important individuals. 

He is a controversial figure partly due to an essay he wrote in 1849, after slavery had been abolished in the British Empire for the use of slaves, called Occasional Discourse on the Negro Question.

In earlier editions of this, the views are expressed through an exaggerated character but, following criticism, Carlyle grew obstinate and later editions do not distance the author from the view expressed. 

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Inspector Paul Daley at West End Police Station said: "Police are currently investigating a report of vandalism to two statues in Kelvingrove Park. Anyone who has information regarding those responsible should contact police via 101."

It comes after a statue honouring Robert Peel, widely considered to be the father of modern policing in Britain was targeted by vandals after a Black Lives Matter protest in Glasgow Green yesterday. Glasgow Times:

A vandal splashed "ACAB [All Cops Are B*******]" and the communist symbol of a hammer and sickle on the plinth on which the statue of the former Tory Prime Minister stands. 

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Consevative councillor Euan Blockley said on Twitter: "The slogan ACAB (All Cops Are B*******) is deeply offensive to the hard-working officers that keep us safe in this city. 

"Communism is an ideology that has murdered millions and seeing its symbol graffitied in our city is frankly vile."