AN Anniesland man's lockdown project has grown wings since it was launched in March.

Self-taught makeup artist Owen Bisset picked up a palette and brush only weeks ago after learning he would be furloughed from his current job at Marks and Spencer's.

Unable to "just sit still", the 32-year-old, began watching YouTube tutorials before launching an Instagram account that holds an online portfolio of his dazzling and dramatic looks.

Glasgow Times:

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Owen's proud husband, Kevin Smith, told the Glasgow Times: "At the start of lockdown he started watching YouTube tutorials and self-taught himself the different methods and looks.

"My husband really can’t just sit still he’s always on the go. He would much rather work so they gave him an option to put his name forward to work and it wasn’t accepted so he had to stay at home.

“I’ve just been watching him take off with it. He’s so talented."

Glasgow Times:

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In a matter of days since launching account, Owen's followers grew from 100 to over 1000.

His work can vary from soft, glamorous everyday looks to bold, colourful and eye-catching transformations.

Glasgow Times:

Since March, Owen's work has since been recognised by famous British makeup artist Patt McGrath, American entrepreneur Jeffree Star and Lady Gaga’s makeup brand Haus Labs.

Kevin added: "I think he’s realised he’s got an amazing talent he never even knew he had and has turned a negative situation into something so positive – possibly even life changing."

Glasgow Times:

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Owen, who used to own a lifestyle shop in the West End, has even had salons and individuals message him directly to book him in for appointments post-lockdown.

Kevin said: "He’s hit a lot of bumps along the road in terms of his career. I think this is finally his calling – he’s so talented.

"I think he’s a bit shocked he’s got this attention to his work and now actually thinking of pursuing it as a career in the future. "

Glasgow Times:

"He was quite down about having to stay at home – as I’m sure quite a lot of us are – he just made a total positive from a negative. It’s really inspiring watching him grow with it."

Owen's looks can be viewed on Instagram @thepaletteprince

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