I CYCLED through it every day, until its recent closure (‘Smartie Tube’ tunnel praised in world study ‘falling to bits’, Monday). 

I avoid it if a gig is on but otherwise it works well, if cyclists use their voice or their 
bell there’s not a big issue of pedestrians straying over into the cycle lane. 

To encourage slow cycling, Strava (running and cycling app) will not recognise the “Smartie Tube” as a segment.

Stephen Boid 
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I CYCLE through it quite often and have never had any issues. 

I avoid it at busy times though.

Paula Barclay 
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READ MORE: Smartie Tube tunnel praised by global study ‘falling to bits’

IT is a bit manky. If a toll was introduced, say £1 per day or an annual pass for £364, this would generate much-needed income for its upkeep.

Bobby Ewing 
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IF only Scotland had the power to close our borders and airports we could have tackled this virus our own way, we had to wait on the British Government announcing a late lockdown as we have no borrowing powers like normal countries to pay businesses for closing down.

In total 18 million passed through our airports since March – we are told when the virus was spreading from one to three people there was no need to isolate incomers, now it’s spreading from one to less than one and we need to isolate folk? 

Just taking a random day, last Wednesday the British Government reported there had been 359 deaths from Covid-19 in the previous 24 hours. This was more than the 314 deaths reported for the 27 countries of the entire EU over the same period. Of the 359 UK deaths reported, 11 were in Scotland, 17 in Wales, and eight in Northern Ireland. England, governed by the Tories, recorded 323 deaths – in England alone there were more deaths from Covid-19 than in the entire EU combined. 

This is the record Boris Johnson told us that he was proud of. Scotland deserves better.

Rod Selbie 
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I AM not a Tory voter – I would be if it suited me – but people’s lack of willingness to listen to other people’s views is disheartening, we need tolerance of each other’s political views among other views (The Tory View: SNP councillors in Glasgow are not putting city first, Monday). 

Look what happens when we have basically a one-party system? I welcome the input.

Jay Robertson 
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