GLASWEGIAN entrepreneur Michelle Mone has revealed she has been working out three times a day during lockdown. 

The star has been spending lockdown with billionaire fiance Doug Barrowman on the Isle of Man - and told the Loose Women stars today that she has been working on her fitness.

She said: "For the first few nights we kept sitting on the sofa drinking wine watching movies eating bad stuff and then we thought right we need to stop this.

"So now we train three times a day and it is fantastic."

She added: "We thought we are going to use this time. We get up in the morning go for a walk, we will do a bootcamp outside so you actually don't need to have your own professional gym, luckily we have that. But you don't need to do that, we have been doing a lot more outside because of the weather.

"We have been meeting for a bootcamp, doing a little bit in the gym and going for a 90-minute walk which is really good. That is brilliant if you can just get your body moving. 

"Luckily it has been good for us apart from missing our family and friends."

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The East End-born star said she has lost eight stone and one pound going through from a size 22 to a size 10.

She said: "I was determined not to put weight on when our wedding was postponed. We were getting married on May 2 but obviously that was postponed. 

"I was determined to fit into my dress so I was keeping that up."

The Loose Women panel then asked the 48-year-old how she lost the weight.

She said: "When I was overweight and in a very uncomfortable horrible marriage, my way of coping with that was to continuously eat, eat, eat.

"I think I was a bit like an alcoholic. It is all to do with your mind first and foremost. If you get your mind sorted and get your mind zone. I know it is easy for me to say but it was very difficult. I think the rest is easy, it is just like baby steps."

Glasgow Times:

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She added that she has taken on a full-time trainer and nutritionist to educate herself about healthy eating. 

She said: "I could so easily go back to the old Michelle, I could so easily go back to being a size 22 but I will never ever do that because it is a dark, lonely, horrible space for me. 

"There was times that I didn't want to be here I was so depressed. So now my fitness keeps me motivated and keeps me focused."