HAVING read last week’s letters bemoaning teenagers behaviour made me remember my own teenage years in the 1950s.

June was a great month. The weather seemed to be pretty good, exams were over and family holiday’s down the Costa Clyde hadn’t started. 

So it was off to the park – King’s Park – to meet up with my friends. 

We loafed on the grass laughing and talking, watching the boys show off their football skills, who fancied who and then just before 9pm the whistle would go. 

The Parkie’s signal that he was locking up. 

Every park was locked up at 9pm so a quick exist was required. Then it was off to the cafe for a coke, the popular drink of the day and more fun and laughter. 

The only rule was to be home by 10pm before your dad raised the riot act. Oh Happy Days.

Maybe we should be a bit more tolerant of today’s teenagers having to endure lockdown. 


I AM writing to express my deepest concern that Public Health Scotland has arbitrarily chosen to continue the lockdown of dental practices in Scotland. 

There is no justification for this considering that Public Health England has notified that English practices will open today, June 8. 

My own practice has additional protocols in place to further protect against virus transmission and was planning to open on June 2. I, and others I know, are in need of dental care – emergency and general attention, and have suffered enough pain and risk to their well-being already during lockdown. 

I cannot see any justification for continuing to deny dental patients access to their practices other than political grandstanding. I demand as a matter of urgency that dentists are allowed to practice and treat their patients. 

Politics, specifically a nationalist agenda, must on no account be brought into the realm of public health.

Name and address supplied

I NOTE the council highlighting 33,000 tickets issued by litter wardens over a four-year period in last week’s Glasgow Times. 

This equates to 8250 fines issued over a year.  

I suggest they work 250 days a year and this equates to 33 tickets being issued a day. 

I think there are only 30 litter wardens in the council and would suggest just over one litter fine per day issued. This isn’t really value for money. What are these guys doing?

Name and address supplied