RIVER City fans will be able to watch the BBC soap’s most memorable moments all over again with classic episodes set to air in the coming weeks.

River City Rewind will be running exclusively on the BBC Scotland channel from Monday for 10 weeks.

The run of episodes will include the 2002 debut show, shocking murders, dramatic weddings and a spectacular explosion.

Glasgow Times:

The episodes, which will also be available on BBC iPlayer, come after filming on River City came to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Glasgow Times:

River City stalwart Stephen Purdon, who plays Bob O’Hara, has been in the show since its debut 18 years ago, is looking forward to taking a step back in time with River City Rewind.

He said: “I can’t wait to see these episodes again!

“Our fans make the show and this is a great opportunity for them to relive these classic moments and see familiar faces from the past – it’ll be weird for me to see these episodes but I can’t wait.

“River City being off screen at the moment is a big deal for our fans but we’ll be back. Until then, enjoy River City Rewind!”

Glasgow Times:

Some of the classic episodes to air include Bob O’Hara (Tom Urie) battle with an eating disorder and Dr Marcus McKenzie (Stefan Dennis) meeting a bloody fate after raping Gina Rossi (Libby McArthur).

Glasgow Times:

The episodes will air every week until August 17.

Kieran Hannigan, Executive Producer at River City said: “We’ve enjoyed delving into the River City archives and have chosen some of the most dramatic and classic moments from the show’s history– and there’s plenty to choose from!

“There’s been lots of drama on Montego Street over the last 18 years and we know fans will love taking a step back in time with some of Shieldinch’s most famous residents.”

Glasgow Times:

Gavin Smith, Commissioning Executive for BBC Scotland, added: “Like many productions affected by the Coronavirus, River City paused production in March this year and, as a result, we won’t be seeing new stories from Shieldinch over the summer.

“Subject to government and industry guidelines, we hope to resume filming and have episodes available in the not-too-distant future.

“Until then, we’re sure fans will enjoy reliving some of the most-loved moments in River City Rewind.”