MOST certainly, Celtic have not handled this well (Fans share anger on ‘season ticket’ deal, Wednesday). 

It is very easy to renew your season ticket with a few clicks online however, last year’s refund needs to be claimed by downloading a form, printing it out, filling it in and posting it back to the club; that looks like a deliberate ploy to hold on to as much of the money as possible. 

What about the loads of older people who will, more than likely, not have any access to the internet? 

Also, any supporter with no internet access will not even know that there is a refund available as the club has made no effort to contact supporters outwith an announcement on the website. 

The season ticket fiasco is exactly that. I accept that Celtic will have expensive set-up costs to deliver the streaming package but to charge full price to households with several season tickets is completely unacceptable and puts Celtic in a very poor position, which is so far removed from the club’s roots, as to be almost unrecognisable.

Paula Barclay 
Posted online

WHY not only renew one season ticket in a household with multiple season ticket holders?

But the whole thing is opening a debate.

Does Sky start selling its packages based on the number of people watching?

Why should a one-person household pay the same to watch a Celtic or Rangers game on Sky as a household with six people?

I think whatever Celtic do, they are damned if the do and damned if they don’t.

Joe Demarco 
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LAST YEAR, Glasgow Times correspondent Tim Miller came up with a great idea when he proposed that the city council’s computer team should introduce a real-time mapping system to allow Glasgow residents to see if faults they reported in the Glasgow Roads network have been dealt with by the council.

The council should also be telling us what its inspection regimes are for street lighting, graffiti on council property, potholes, broken footpaths and weeds, and what their response times are for these categories.

That is basic asset management and the taxpayers are entitled to know these things. Of course the council did not introduce such a system.

Chrissie Francis 
Merchant City