PARENTS have voiced their concerns after a primary school revealed pupils will be spending “more time outdoors”.

Thomas Muir Primary School in Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire, issued parents with plans for pupils’ return in August.

The primary anticipates children will be spending more time learning outdoors when schools reopen and has shared practical information about uniforms in a newsletter to parents.

The move comes ahead of the primary submitting planning framework to East Dunbartonshire Council for consideration and ­approval.

Information about each child’s learning base and teacher for ­August will be included and it is hoped the information will be available before the end of June.

A parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “It worries me that they are planning for kids to be outdoors for their learning. We’ve been told to bring waterproof jackets. So are kids to sit outside in the rain? This isn’t good for them.

“We’ve been asked not to have their lunches in a cool bag, which poses some food hygiene issues too.”

The letter issued to parents states: “We believe that uniform is very important. It gives children a sense of belonging and it creates a strong identity in the school. It also creates equity for all.

“But we must consider the need for children to be comfortable and cosy if they are going to be spending more time outdoors.”

Parents have been asked to buy a white polo shirt, (badge optional) a charcoal grey jumper, charcoal grey trousers/skirt or grey/black plain joggers. Branded clothes have been discouraged.

The letter continues: “We would like all children to have wellies and a drawstring bag to hold them in, along with a light, waterproof jacket. It is more important than ever that children return to school with all of their belongings clearly labelled, as part of infection control.

“We know how much children love to return to school with a shiny new schoolbag and lots of fancy stationery. However, as part of our infection control measures, schoolbags and stationery will not be brought into school.

“We will provide each child with their own A3 size zip wallet folder to hold everything they need and this will stay in school.

“Packed lunches will be brought to school in a disposable bag that will be binned after use. We will not be able to store or touch traditional packed lunch boxes and bags. Please send your child with a water bottle, clearly marked with their name on it.”

Children will not be asked to bring indoor shoes to change into when they arrive in school and they must be able to fasten and undo their own shoes.

The letter concludes: “We completely understand families may feel disappointed about some of these changes.

“Indeed, lots of things will be different for the start of the new session and we will be working together in new and different ways.

“As a school community, we will work through this together and support one another.”

Ann Davie, East Dunbartonshire Council’s depute chief executive – education, people and business, said: “All our schools are preparing to put plans in place for reopening in August.

“We are currently working on the required risk assessment measures and information will be provided to all parents once finalised.”

Glasgow City Council has also been asked if specific plans like this are in place for ­pupils at its schools.

A spokesman said: “Senior staff and teachers are back in our schools to make plans for the ­return to school in August – due to the sheer size and variety of school buildings in the city it will not be a one size fits all approach and our schools will be making plans that meet the needs of their school community.”