MY experience of them in use in other European cities is not good (‘We need to drive change’: Glasgow e-scooter trial could be future of city centre travel, Friday).

They are worse than cyclists for observing rules and regulations, travelling both ways in streets/roads and on pavements with little regard for pedestrians or other road users. 

Basel in Switzerland, in my opinion, is particularly bad, where they’re a complete nuisance.

Kenneth Morin
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WE are creating a society of dependants who no longer expect, but demand that they are kept up with the Jones’s, that it’s their right to have everything that the Jones’s have while contributing nothing (Study recommends running basic income pilot scheme in city, Friday).

I’m a great believer in helping people out of poverty, but you don’t do that by giving them the money that other people have worked hard to receive. 

If you’re going to increase the tax burden then the taxpayer has got to see something for their money, like cleaner streets, a more effective recycling system, better care for the elderly, better health service, public transport, the list goes on.

Simple rule is, if I’m paying more, I want to see more, I’m not working so that someone else can be watching Homes Under The Hammer on their 65in wide-screen 4K TV.

David McKendry
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THE big question is, who is going to pay for it? 

You can’t expect that the people who produce should then give away their hard-earned cash to someone who doesn’t produce. That would be theft! 

Also let’s say everyone is entitled to this basic income – that means you can’t discriminate, so you would have to give to people who don’t need it. 

If not then you already have a welfare system which is already being taken advantage off. There are families in Glasgow with more than two generations who have never done a day’s work in their lives. 

Here is my idea! Everyone pays for insurance that when they are out of work they get to pay them based on how much they have paid in. 

So even if you become disabled, the insurance pays you. A bit like a pension. 

The problem with our society is that we have lead people to believe that the world owes them something. It doesn’t! People have to pay for everything.

John Galt
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WITH regards to outdoor learning proposals issued by Thomas Muir Primary in Bishopbriggs (Friday), this is all well and good in theory but what about kids with sensory problems and special needs?

Should they be made to sit outside where they will become distressed?
It’s going to be hard enough explaining the new rules to them.

Mandi Stewart Morrison
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I CAN see this working maybe through until November but then it starts to get really cold. So after that, certain days will be a no.

Glasgow Times: Thomas Muir Primary Thomas Muir Primary

Nik Naks
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NOT ideal for winter in Scotland.

John Galt
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OUTDOORS for kids is fantastic, we should be applauding this, not discouraging it!

Aaron McCulloch
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