IT IS A fantastic photograph of Glasgow, - an aerial view of the river back in its shipbuilding heyday.

Closer examination, however, reveals the chilling truth.

This is an image taken by a Luftwaffe reconnaissance aircraft just after the outbreak of the Second World War - and it clearly identifies Harland and Wolff’s Clyde Foundry as a target.

This image shows how quick the Germans were to isolate targets on Glasgow’s thriving Clydeside.

It is just one of the remarkable photographs held by Glasgow City Archives, documenting landmark moments in the history of our city and its people.

Archivist Nerys Tunnicliffe explains: “There are around 9000 images on the Virtual Mitchell website, but there are thousands more negatives, slides and prints in our collections not yet digitised which can be viewed at our searchroom in normal circumstances.”

Nerys and her colleagues Lynsey Green, senior archivist Irene O’Brien, Barbara Neilson and Michael Gallagher have launched Ask the Archivist, a fantastic new campaign which gives people the chance to ask them questions about a range of topics based on their collections. More details are available on the Glasgow City Archives Facebook page.

Here are seven stunning pictures which capture Glasgow life through the years.

Glasgow Times:

1 Women prisoners, 1911-1912, Glasgow City Police, Police Scotland albums.

“The pictures are so evocative - especially these women in their huge hats,” says Nerys. “Sadly we don’t have more information on the women pictured, but some may be suffragettes.”

2 Luftwaffe reconnaissance photo, 1939: “We have ariel shots many from the Glasgow Corporation and Clyde Navigation Trust,” says Nerys. “These are great for showing the city’s landmarks past and present. This Luftwaffe photo is particularly dramatic.”

Glasgow Times:

3 Hayfield Public School 1916: “We hold very few school photos but in 1916 Glasgow Corporation commissioned a survey to showcase their education facilities. The photos show pupils being taught and exercising in immaculately presented classrooms and playgrounds.”

Glasgow Times:

4 Harry Lauder and Charlie Chaplin: “Sadly, not many photos of individuals come with identification details,” says Nerys, adding with a laugh: “Although some are instantly recognisable, even from behind – like this shot of Harry Lauder and Charlie Chaplin.”

Glasgow Times:

5 Cheapside Fire, 1960: “We have a collection of images from Glasgow Fire Brigade that includes the 1960 Cheapside Street warehouse fire. Tragically 14 firemen and 5 men from the Glasgow Salvage Corps died tackling the huge blaze.”

Glasgow Times:

6 Cowlairs Coach Building Works: “Our photographs cover Glasgow’s industrial heritage.,” says Nerys. “There are many like this one from the Cowlairs Works in the 1920s that give an insight into the city’s industrial past.”

Glasgow Times:

7 Unknown Glasgow chimney sweep and dog c.1920: “This one of my favourite photos of all,” smiles Nerys. “It is very posed but still endearing.”

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