DOES anybody agree with me that the BBC is garbage?

The amount of repeats that are being shown needs investigation, and will i be getting a refund from the TV Licence fee?

Even during this period of lockdown, not once have they screened a decent film.

All you get is repeats. I know there are people out there who will say, why do I not contact the BBC, well I have, and the reply I got was, according to them, going by the feedback they receive, people like repeats. So let’s run a wee survey. How many people like the reruns that are repeated on the bbc using our TV Licence money?

Jim Tees

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IN his efforts to politicise the coronavirus crisis, Jackson Carlaw demonstrates his inability to provide coherent leadership to Conservatives in the Scottish Parliament by showing his ignorance of the devolution settlement established by his own party’s Westminster Government.

Of course the Scottish Government should have imposed travel controls at Scottish Airports and land borders as early as possible to prevent the coronavirus being introduced. If they had the power to do it I am sure they would have, as bans on major gatherings were introduced up here before the Cheltenham Festival was allowed to increase the death toll in England due to Boris Johnston’s dithering.

Jackson, I think it is time for you to consider your position.

John Connelly

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I COULDN’T believe my eyes at the weekend when I walked through Kelvingrove Park.

The amount of large groups of teenagers gathering was astonishing.

I know the police were busy dealing with the protests around the city but it was shocking.

They were all hugging, no social distancing at all – you would think there was no lockdown measures in place at all. It’s time police cracked down on this.

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I THINK some of the proposals reported last week by a primary school in Bishopbriggs for the return of pupils are concerning.

Are pupils going to be just left outside in the freezing cold to be educated for the rest of the year?

Surely there must be some other options rather than teaching outside for the majority of the day?

I hope East Dunbartonshire Council seriously considers alternative plans for teaching.


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