GOOD luck to them but it seems odd given the restrictions that we are all to live under that you can be on a plane for 1.5 hours or more with more than 30 people on board (Airline firm easyJet resumes flying as first flight since lockdown lands at Glasgow Airport, Glasgow Times online).

What about halls, churches, clubs, pubs, restaurants, schools, sport facilities, football grounds etc?

What’s the problem in those places and many more then, Nicola, if there’s no problem on a plane?

A B Dickson

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AS a Celtic fan, of course it’s got to be Brian Laudrup (Greatest Premier XI, Glasgow Times).

James Forrest has been great

for us but Laudrup was on

another planet when he played in Glasgow.

Laudrup and Henrik Larsson are the best two players I’ll probably ever see in Scottish football.

Especially as they both stayed while they were in their prime and both stayed for significant lengths of time.

Mark McCabe

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BRIAN Laudrup played at the top level in Europe for his clubs and his country and when he played for Rangers all the other teams were strong in the league.

James Forrest is a fantastic player but is playing in a league with no opposition. He is great for Celtic but not in the same class as Brian Laudrup.

Charlie Keane

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THESE people need to stop with their 15-year plans and so on as they might not be in power then (Plan to double the city centre population set to be agreed, Tuesday).

Stick to your plans for the term you have.

For it to be claimed that Glasgow is affordable to live in is a joke.

Everything went up in price after the SNP came into power.

Mark Martin

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WITH all the thousands of people demonstrating for one cause or another on our streets at the weekend and thousands of young folk attending two illegal raves, I fear the worst for conquering this pandemic.

All these idiots should hang their heads in shame as they have put their families, friends and neighbours in real risk of contracting this virus.

Well done to you all and hope you can sleep easily at night.