SINGER Marti Pellow has warned his fans about scammers pretending to be him on social media. 

The Clydebank-born star told his fans that his team was aware of the issue. 

In a statement, Marti, who recently turned 55, said: "I’ve seen a few posts from fans alerting people to scammers on social media sites using my name.

"First of all, thank you to everyone who has shared their warnings on the community section and helped out others, especially during this trying time.

"This is something my team and I work tirelessly trying to prevent, however, with the nature of social media, scammers will still slip through the net.

"We can only stop it by letting you all know what to look out for."

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He added: "If you receive any direct messages from anyone on any social network or forum claiming to be 'Marti Pellow', please ignore this.

"I do not send out any direct messages on social media. Anything I want to share with fans will always be done through a post on my official channels or on my website - 

"If I run a competition it will be through these channels, not direct messaging. I do not have any “private” accounts on social media."

The former Wet Wet Wet frontman, who left Scotland 20 years ago for a new life in Windsor, also urged his fans to report those responsible. 

The singer is now writing a new stage musical with his long-term music collaborator and producer Grant Mitchell, along with leading theatre dramaturge and playwright, Jack Bradley.

He quit Wet Wet Wet after 30 years of hits. The band still performs with former Liberty X singer Kevin Simm.