LOYALISTS in Glasgow have announced plans to demonstrate in Glasgow today...shortly before evicted asylum seekers hold a rally. 

The National Defence League (NDL) will host an event in George Square from 5pm this evening to "make a stand" and "protect the Cenotaph".  

But, the protest is due to take place shortly before activists from Glasgow No Evictions also take to the city centre at 6pm.

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The group plans to hold a "peaceful demonstration" for those who have been "refused food in hotels" and forced into the street. 

In a post on social media, organisers from the NDL wrote: "Another attempt by the extreme left’s rent a mob Antifa to bring division and anarchy to this countries streets.

"While the politicians sit idly by and the police have their hands tied by the powers that be. It will again fall on the Glaswegian public to make the stand.

Glasgow Times: Clashes broke out during Sunday's demonstrations Clashes broke out during Sunday's demonstrations

"All that can attend are welcome. Usual drills do not engage, we are there to protect the memorial to The Fallen, The Cenotaph. 

"Allow Police Scotland to do their job.

"Anyone attending please adhere to the above request. Do not bring discredit to the city, the veterans or any organisation you may represent." 

The protests come just days after clashes broke out between Loyalist demonstrators and counter groups in George Square. 

We also told of how a photographer was assaulted and abused by racist thugs during the event. 

Organisers from Glasgow No Evictions wrote: "Join us for a peaceful demonstration at George Square on Wednesday, June 17.

"This demonstration is organised by people who have been refusing food in hotels they have been forced into by Mears.

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"People seeking asylum have been forcefully removed from their homes into cramped, degrading and unsafe hotels.

"They have had their financial support withdrawn. The food provided is substandard in quality, low in nutritional value and culturally inappropriate."

The Glasgow Times has contacted Police Scotland for comment on the planned protests.