IT’S hard to believe the school holidays are nearly here... especially after three months of having children at home.

The run up to the summer holidays also means it’s nearly the end of our Home Times series, which has been running throughout lockdown with advice and tips from Glasgow’s education experts.

Today the Leaders of Early Learning are taking over the pages with ideas for what to do to keep learning a part of daily play for little ones.

Glasgow Times:

Now we're allowed out to the park for picnics, there's an idea to make numbers into a game as you eat outdoors.

After your picnic have a scavenger hunt in the park.

Go back to your own childhood by getting the chalk out and seeing what you can do with that.

Glasgow Times:

Draw up a hopscotch and use dice patterns instead of numbers to make things more interesting.

Glasgow Times:

Even if it's raining, still head outdoors and talk about what the weather is like.

As always, here are the links for anyone who doesn't have access to a smart phone to read the QR codes.

Glasgow Times:

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