Lockdown has taught us many things, including the importance of not taking the small things for granted.

Be it a simple meal with family, an evening spent over pints with friends or even those candlelit moments between cosy couples, we have all learned just how special these can be - and how hard it is to not have them.

Glasgow Times:

As we move into different phases of lockdown, many pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs are finding their feet again in their preparation for post-lockdown - including Ardnamurchan on Hope Street.

Aiming to be one of the first bars to reopen in Scotland when the closure order is lifted, owner Neil Douglas has made a number of changes to ensure safety and hygiene are top of the pub's priorities list.

So what will going for a drink look like, in a socially distant pub in the not-to-distant future?

Glasgow Times:

The answer is perspex glass, spacial distancing, waiting for the toilets and hygiene, hygiene, hygiene.

On entering, I was initially met with yellow arrows on the floor - not unlike the ones used in supermarkets right now.

This is because the pub will operate off a one-way system, clockwise and anti-clockwise through the restaurant.

The number of covers has reduced from one hundred to seventy, which won't affect the surroundings too much other than maybe making it more difficult to get a booking for larger parties.

Neil said: "We’re lucky because we have a big venue, and we've taken out taken out a third of our seating to separate customers and the layout will work whether people have to maintain a one or two metre distance.

Glasgow Times:

"The private spaces work really well and people will be able to pre book the one they want. Having tried them out with my own children, I know they’re perfect for families; they give the kids a bit more space than usual and naturally encourage them to stay close to their table."

While the booths have perspex glass around them, single tables also have a small curtain to draw between parties.

The result is parties will have more privacy while actually being out in public, enjoying elements of both - a pulled draft pint, the sounds of music and chatter and food made by someone with expertise in making food.

All the while, this can be enjoyed knowing that hygiene and safety will be at the forefront of everybody's mind.

I don't know if I'll ever miss the sloppy drunken walk to lean on a bar, but this new, sleek and futuristic look certainly makes for a great alternative if I ever did.

The moral is we are staying safe. That's all we can try to do.