A PROTEST group has accused politicians and the media of "only telling one side of the story" after last night's violence in Glasgow. 

Six people have been arrested so far after the Loyalist Defence League disrupted a protest by the No Evictions Group in George Square.  

The ugly scenes have been called "disgraceful" by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon while leading lawyer Aamer Anwar hit out at the far right thugs. 

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But, Scottish Protestant Against Discrimination (SPAD) have since hit out at reports and say it is a spin against unionists. 

This is despite the city's unionist politicians - including Tory councillor Thomas Kerr - joining in condemnation of the scenes. 

SPAD said: "Once again the First Minister (Nicola Sturgeon) and Minister for Justice (Humza Yousaf) are quick to react with paltry online posts to events which unfolded in George Square. 

Glasgow Times:

"Unfortunately for them, it's with yet another negative spin towards Unionists. A response which is becoming both predictable and obvious.

"It is fact that the asylum seekers protest was infiltrated by 10-15 people who were intent on inciting trouble, by unveiling an 'Antifa' flag, towards the gathering ex-servicemen/unionist citizens.

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"Up until this point, there was no risk of violence.

"Where was this statement from Ms Sturgeon or Mr Yousaf condemning the recent graffit that took place in Cathedral Square (in reference to attacks on the King William of Orange statue)?

"There was none. Yet tonight, and not only tonight, certain quarters are 'racist thugs' or 'right wing' for reacting to a clearly inflammatory gesture.

"Again, the media and the politicans are only telling one side of the story to appease the republican element within their organisations."