From a pie to a pint, lockdown took away a lot of Glasgow's food and drink favourites.

It even had an impact on the pasty... or as we know them in Glasgow, a Greggs (or a sausage roll, if you're that way inclined) 

As we move into Phase 2, things are gradually going back to normal... or what we know as the 'new normal', and Greggs is no different.

Today, I had my first trip to Greggs since it reopened after lockdown. 

With over eighty stores re-opening all over Scotland on a reduced menu, I wanted to know if Covid-19 had impacted on our beloved Greggs favourites. 

Glasgow Times:

I also expected there to be hundreds of people queuing up to get their Steak Bake orders in. 

As I approached, my first impressions were: 'where are the queues?'

During lockdown we have become so accustomed to seeing people queuing outside shops - whether it is the local butchers or supermarket or even shutting down a whole road for an egg McMuffin - I was surprised people weren't flocking en masse to pick up a sausage roll or two (or three, or four...)

But maybe people are over the initial excitement of old favourites, now that everything looks so different?

Talking of things looking differently, Greggs still looked (and smelled) like the Greggs we knew and remembered. 

With the welcome addition of some perspex glass in front of the tillsthe tills, an exclusively contactless payment system and staff wearing visors, many of the new additions aren't too bad. 

The glass cabinets were still full of usual favourites - steak bakes, chicken bakes, sausage rolls (and their vegan counterparts) as well as fudge doughnuts and yum yums. 

Glasgow Times: Oliver and Valentina with their Greggs bountyOliver and Valentina with their Greggs bounty

There were drinks and baguettes too, and hot coffees.

I was there for an hour and by the end of it, there wasn't much left. 

Valentina Vezza and Oliver Ross, who both stay on Victoria Road in Govanhill, came out with a steak bake each, as well as a baguette and a doughnut. 

Oliver said: "It's great that Greggs is back. We've missed it. 

"McDonald's opening was alright but Greggs reopening is better. 

"It makes a difference when you're working from home to be able to go out and get some lunch."

Glasgow Times:

Oliver added: "It's good they have someone on the door, some of the shops in this area don't. It felt quite safe."

Valentina said: "What I usually order was there, so we got what we wanted. 

"No doubt someone will want something more specific but you can't please everyone."

Greggs - it's good to have you back.