Merchant City and Trongate community council have condemned 'racist violence' from far-right groups seen in George Square on Wednesday.

They said local residents were "too scared" to leave their homes after seeing coverage of the Square on TV.

Dr Duncan MacLaren, chair of the council, told The Glasgow Times:

"The Merchant City and Trongate Community Council condemns outright the racist violent behaviour seen on George Square on 17th June from members of the far-right National Defence League and we applaud the presence and actions of the police who kept our residents safe.

"We also praise the asylum seekers’ demonstration for its positive message and common sense in quietly removing themselves from danger with the help of the police."

Dr MacLaren said the community council will be working with Police Scotland, councillors, and Lord Provost on the Square's use for future demonstrations.

He added: "As the community council of the area, we shall be approaching our four councillors, among them the Lord Provost, regarding permission to use the Square for demonstrations especially during this time of the coronavirus.

"We have also sent a message of thanks to our police without whom what happened on George Square would have descended into violent anarchy."