WELL done to

the owners of Ardnamurchan on Hope Street for its new social distancing measures that have been rolled out in the premises ahead of reopening.

They have definitely thought very clearly about what will be needed in the future.

I hope other venues make such an effort. It’s vital that workers feel safe when they are serving customers.

It’s going to be very strange returning to restaurants and bars. I can’t imagine that all the smaller restaurants and bars in Glasgow will be able to survive the new rules that will no doubt be put in place – let’s hope they can.



I THINK wearing masks on public transport is a good idea, but don’t hold your breath on it getting enforced (Phase 2: The 13 new changes as Scotland’s lockdown restrictions eased, Glasgow Times online).

Following rules isn’t this country’s strong point.

Tim Johnston

Posted online

THE freedom to protest is a fundamental right and one which must be protected in our society. It is just one of the important facets of ensuring a country is democratic.

It was devastating therefore to witness a group of asylum seekers and supporters protesting against tenancy evictions attacked in George Square on Wednesday.

Let’s be clear the attack was pure and simply an attempt to silence an already vulnerable group.

Those with asylum claims have often had to flee war and persecution and have chosen Scotland to come to because it is a safer society. That they were then faced with mindless racist violence on our city’s streets is a shameful stain. Glasgow should be a safe haven for those fleeing violence not an incubator for it.

Fraser Sutherland

Chief Executive

Humanist Society Scotland

WITH regards the protests on Wednesday night, we should stop allowing these protests of any kind and clashes like this won’t put our long-suffering police under more pressure.

They are disgraceful scenes.

It’s shocking war memorials to our brave fallen have to be protected at all. Sickening disrespect.

Maureen McDade

Via Facebook

INTERESTING to see residents in a part of Glasgow taking things into their own hands by cleaning up, clearing weeds on footpaths etc.

However, the danger is, that if we all do this, then the council will just sit back and say ‘get on with it.’

Would there be a reduction in Council Tax for substituting work normally done by staff and would there be a threat to jobs?



I WONDER how many groups of teenagers will be allowed to roam the streets of Glasgow this weekend?

Do these parents not care about other residents?

It must be a case of out of sight, out of mind for these parents, who just allow their teenage kids to loiter in the streets despite the lockdown measures?

Shouting abuse at anyone who dares to look at them.

Scaling fences to play football in locked-up schools. Dumping their litter in the streets. Under-age drinking in the streets or in parks.

And then, no doubt, they just wander home, and the parents don’t even spare a thought about the havoc their kids have been causing in the city’s streets

and parks.

It’s an absolute disgrace. I hope the police increase patrols over the weekend.

Irene M