A GLASGOW charity dedicated to providing school uniforms to families across the city will launch their new drop-off service towards the end of the month.

Glasgow's Pre-Loved Uniforms, founded by Donna Henderson, will begin to collect old uniforms from families who no longer need them and deliver them to those who do city wide.

Before Covid-19 families would pick up the school clothing from a base but the charity has purchased a van to stop in light of the situation. Uniform racks will also be available at schools across the city.

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Speaking at a Zoom conference, Ms Henderson said: “We have been very lucky to receive funding recently and with that we have purchased a van which means we are able to access families more easily, to collect donations and to drop uniforms at the doors.

“We are looking for families to get in touch with what they require, including the size of the child.

“Due to our premises in Royston being really small, social distancing would not work. If it is reduced to 1m then we would be able to invite people in but until then we are just going to be doing drop offs and collections from people’s houses.

“Hopefully by June 29 we will have plenty of people ready for access. I am apprehensive to see if our services are going to be busy or quiet.

“There is no shame. The only difference between us and a charity shop is that we are free of charge and all uniforms are freshly laundered.”

During lockdown Ms Henderson has been working behind the scenes to ensure uniform is available.

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In March Glasgow’s Pre-Loved Uniforms became an officially registered charity, open to everyone and not subject to referral.

She added: “We operate on a non-stigmatic basis with 15 schools and provide a clothes rail in each and a donation bin.These rails are filled with school uniform so that whoever needs to access it can do so at any time. They are in a prominent area and is open for all.

“In the lead up to Covid-19 we decided to fill the uniform racks up as much as we could. I truly did not believe that the schools would be off this amount of time.We want every child to be able to access their school uniform for free.”

For more information email glasgowspreloveduniforms@outlook.com