The Scottish Government and Citizens Advice have launched a new campaign to raise awareness of financial support after Universal Credit claims increased to more than 110,000 since lockdown.

Many people have found their income more than halved since lockdown hit, and particularly those in the freelance sector.

Patrick Rees, 28 year old marketing freelancer, lost all his sources of income two weeks before Glasgow officially went into lockdown.

The jack-of-all-trades is now living with his father after leaving his job in America.

Patrick, from Giffnock, told the Glasgow Times: "I returned from my job in the US to help with start-ups as a freelancer, only two weeks before lockdown.

"When it started, most of my work fell through as people are not working on site or starting up new companies during the lockdown."

Like many people in similar situations in the city, Patrick was unaware what he was eligible for and turned to Citizen's Advice.

He said: "I had no idea how this would impact my work, particularly because I had just left my job before Coronavirus hit.

"I found out through the service I wasn't eligible for Universal Credit.

"Despite that I've been able to learn how to manage my money better - i've really used the information to figure out what to keep with, and what finances to let go of, looking at irrelevant costs and even changing banks and things."

Although Patrick has a fraction of his current income and is still unsure of the future, whilst also anticipating the worst has not hit, he is staying positive.

Patrick added: "At first I was so frustrated, but I know that there are people in worse situations than me.

"Things are going to get worse before they get better.

"I think Scotland has managed very well. Hopefully things will improve but I think this will impact businesses for a long time.

"No one could have predicted it happening and it's hard to prepare for but if you forward plan you help yourself."

Citizens Advice Scotland boss Derek Mitchell said: “The Citizens Advice network in Scotland is known for always being there to help and the support we give will be more important than ever to help people avoid getting into crisis.

"There may also be lots of people who have never used our services before and it’s crucial that they know our information and advice is there for them too."