A Glasgow Councillor has responded with support for a petition which asks Glasgow City Council to accept refugees from Greece.

SNP Councillor John Letford, councillor for Maryhill and Springburn, told the Glasgow Times: "Glasgow is a city of migrants.

"Whether from the Highlands, Ireland or in my case, from the South East of England, our city has grown and prospered because of her migrants.

"All those Italians, Jews, Poles and Pakistanis who have made Glasgow their home, are Glaswegians now.

"In recent years they have been joined by Afghans, Somalis and other Africans, who are now Glaswegians too."

He added: "People do indeed make Glasgow and Glasgow has been made by her refugees, migrants and asylum seekers.

"But, looking further afield, the situation in Greece today is dire.

"This is why I support the Europe Must Act campaign, a Europe wide campaign to relocate refugees and asylum seekers from the dehumanising, overcrowded camps on the Greek islands, across Europe."

Glasgow Must Act, the Glasgow branch of Europe Must Act, launched the petition on March 17 asking the Council to provide shelter for a certain number of refugees currently residing in Greece.

It is inspired by Berlin which declared itself ready to accept a similar number of refugees.

Europe Must Act’s petition has more than one hundred thousand signatures, and is backed by ten MEPs and one hundred and sixty NGOs.

Glasgow Times: Councillor John LetfordCouncillor John Letford

A volunteer for Glasgow Must Act, said: “I volunteered with an NGO supporting residents of a refugee camp in Greece for two years, both in the field and remotely.

“So far, thirteen NGOs and more than seven hundred individuals have signed the Glasgow Must Act petition.”

Councillor John Letford added he will seek support from the SNP Group and Glasgow City Council to lobby the Scottish Government to offer refugees asylum in Glasgow.

Councillor John Letford said: "Over 40,000 human beings are stranded and in limbo.

"But, we can do our bit - the great city of Berlin has shown the way, committing to welcoming 1500.

"If Glasgow could welcome 500, then across the 23 wards of the city, that would mean that only 20 new Scots would be coming to live and contribute to my ward of Maryhill. We can do this. We must do this.

"Scots are renowned the world over as migrants. Whether that be in the mountains of America, the plains of Canada or the fields of Jamaica.

"We can help those in flight by offering refuge.

"I will now seek support from the SNP Group and Council to ask the UK Government to allow Glasgow to offer that refuge. Our city's story never ends. Please offer your support."