IT’S hard to believe that three months have passed since we began our Home Times series.

But today is the final day of our partnership with Glasgow’s education department.

We’ve heard from the education psychologists on how to safeguard children’s wellbeing and from PEPASS about sport and activity.

Glasgow Times:

There’s been maths, STEM, language, English as an Additional Language and early years advice.

We’ve even given free copies of the paper to the city’s vulnerable families to ensure everyone can access the tips and strategies.

Glasgow Times:

Today the CREATE team wave us off with a wealth of ideas based around filmmaking.

Some of the ideas need as little as a cardboard box or paper and pen while others just require a bit of imagination.

There’s ways to make a silent movie or invent something amazing.

Glasgow Times:

And - of course - we love the storytelling ideas.

There’s no excuse not to stay creative all summer.

Glasgow Times:

And for those who don’t have access to a smart phone or tablet, here are the links to the videos:

Charlie Chaplin:

Radio advert:



Lighting: and

Create music: