A NEW helpline is ensuring no one is left behind after fears locals in Greater Pollok are missing out on vital services.

Community organisations, housing associations, public health staff and the Depute Leader of Glasgow City Council have clubbed together to launch the new G53Together Community Helpline.

It serves the more than 14,000 households of Greater Pollok in the city’s south west and is staffed by volunteers.

Councillor David McDonald, the council’s Depute Leader, has worked with community organisations including SWAMP, to spearhead the launch of the helpline.

David said: “All over the city we have seen community groups and local volunteers stepping up to help their neighbours, including here in Greater Pollok.

"But it became clear that despite all of the support that is in place, help isn’t always getting to those who need it.

"We felt that we needed a new way to better coordinate the amazing community response to the coronavirus locally and with the help of SWAMP we have been able to launch this new local helpline.

"The helpline can support people who might need emergency food, support with shopping, advice on their energy bills, welfare advice and a whole host of other topics.

"I really hope that the helpline can go on to become a single point of contact in Greater Pollok for whatever help someone needs.”

During its first week of operation, alongside handling calls, volunteers received training on how to utilise the G53Together database that makes sure every call is properly tracked and support delivered, 14,000 leaflets were delivered and a new website www.g53together.scot was launched.

David added: “We want this helpline to be sustainable and to be able to adapt to new situations.

"It's likely that as lockdown eases, different pressures will emerge, for example we know that in Greater Pollok we have the largest number of young people in the city, so as a community we need to be thinking about how we offer services and activities for young people coming out of lockdown.

"By creating G53Together, we are taking a long term approach to dealing with this current crisis.

"We want G53Together to be here for people in the good and bad times.

"This helpline is just the start."

If you live in Greater Pollok or have a G53 postcode and require support as a result of Covid19, or if you would like to volunteer to support G53Together, visit the website or call the helpline on 0141 378 8541.