CONGRATULATIONS to Stewart Paterson for his article “Dear old Glasgow belongs to all of us” (Friday June 19).

The narrative of the arrival of people from other parts of the country and of the world to form a community of Glaswegians is movingly expressive of the spirit of the city at its best, although we have to face up to the fact that no place can be perfect and blemishes will appear.

Consideration should be given to reprinting the piece, displaying it with greater prominence, on the front page. It would stand as a credo for the city and indeed for the Glasgow Times itself.

Ian Hutcheson

Via email

AFTER watching MSP Fergus Ewing being interviewed by Gordon Brewer on BBC Scotland I was taken aback by the sheer brazen cheek of this Scottish Government.

First of all this is a government with one political goal and that is to destroy the United Kingdom.

Just where would we be now and more to the point where would all the furloughed workers be right now if this country had voted for independence six years ago?

Now I am not a Conservative voter but I think they have did something completely different from any other government in history during this pandemic.

As the rest of the UK moves slowly in an attempt to get back to some sort of normality this government continually drags its heels. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has said this scheme will end in October if the Scottish economy is behind the rest of the UK then that is there problem. A great number of independence supporters will be feeling the benefits of this furlough scheme paid for by Westminster. Just who would have paid for it in an independent Scotland?

The SNP are an embarrassment to Scotland both at Holyrood and at Westminster. The First Minister loves all the media attention but now is the time for action not words.

Gordon Wilson


THERE appears to be an unhealthy scramble by Tory MPs to end the lockdown completely, starting with social distancing measure, especially when it looks as though the virus is becoming more virulent in parts of England.

Why are they so desperate to put people’s lives at risk? Have we not suffered enough embarrassing botch ups by this UK Government during this pandemic?

Surely the fact that many of these MPs allegedly have interests and shares in many of the leisure companies has nothing to do with this haste? Don’t rule anything out with this lot.